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Chandler, AZ 85224

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Root Canal Therapy

Older Chandler, AZ woman smiling about her recovery from root canal therapy by her dentist.One of the most dreaded dental phrases, a root canal is very misunderstood. Root canal therapy is a procedure designed to save a tooth from extraction. Though it is often thought to be a very painful procedure, the opposite is true: we are relieving the pain. At Posh Dental, we feel that it is our goal to not only restore but to educate our patients on their dental health. A root canal is a dental procedure used to alleviate the pain of infection, as we remove the source of infection. Dr. Gabriel believes that it is always the priority to help a patient retain their natural tooth structures, it is best for their overall health. We can help you save your natural tooth when the pulp has become infected and restore the tooth through root canal therapy.

Our mouths are under constant siege from decay-causing bacteria. We try our best to keep our mouths clean, but occasionally bacteria have been allowed to remain, where it then begins to attack our tissues which respond to infection. When decay-causing bacteria has found its way inside our tooth, it can infect the pulp that lives inside our tooth, causing a painful infection. Bacteria can find a passage in several ways including:
•  Cavities: A cavity in a tooth is a result of decay-causing bacteria. If the bacteria is not stopped and removed, then it will continue to grow, deepening into our tooth. A deep cavity is likely to extend to the pulp of our tooth, which is defenseless against this bacterial infection.
•  Fractures: We can develop small, tiny fractures in our teeth. Whether from chewing ice, or other extreme use and even from a common sleeping disorder known as bruxism, we can have hairline fractures in our teeth. Though we may not be aware of them, bacteria can find a passage in these small fractures. As the bacteria travels through these tiny fractures, it can find passage into the pulp of our tooth, and then rage with infection.
•  Previous dental work: A tooth that has been filled with amalgam or composite filling following dental work can leave room for bacteria to travel inside your tooth. Though dentists make their best attempt at filling the space, there can be some shrinkage or tiny space that is not filled following the removal of decay from a tooth. This tiny space can be just large enough for bacteria to travel.

Root Canal Procedure

A root canal is the removal of the source of infection from inside your tooth. The procedure itself is not painful; we will have provided the patient with numbing medication before treatment. The pain that the patient feels comes from the infected material itself which they may not have fully felt until we gain access inside the tooth. We are not creating the pain; we are releasing the pain that was brewing deep inside the tooth. Dr. Gabriel goes inside the tooth and removes the entire pulp of the tooth, including the infected material and the source of the infection. The pulp is not needed in fully grown adult teeth. The pulp was needed in the creation of the tooth, but once it is fully grown, it is safe to remove. Dr. Gabriel removes the pulp, and then cleanses the inner tooth and fills it with a medicated rubber material. The tooth is then closed with a composite filling.

Depending on the placement of the tooth in your mouth, we will most likely recommend the placement of a dental crown. The natural tooth has endured a traumatic experience and will be weakened due to this treatment. A dental crown will provide the tooth added strength and durability, greatly expanding its lifespan.
290 S Alma School Rd #9
Chandler, AZ 85224

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